Career Day

Why have a Career Day you ask?  To encourage students to explore careers they are interested in is a key way to demonstrate the relevance of a college degree.  At such a young age some students just have not figured what they want to do as a career.  These speakers could open a door in a students mind which may spark interests or leave a student intrigued.  Our presenters come from all types of job fields such as law enforcement, military, nursing, business, education, art, and politicians.

The following pictures are of Genesis Academy Warriors who were chosen as Career Day Ambassadors to escort their Guest Speaker throughout the day while at Genesis.

Ruth Falcon with APS Exec Tammy McLeod

Jamarius Breaux with Former GCU Student and Current GCU Employee Kyle Speed

Sarai Hernandez with local Attorney Richard Gaxiola

Johnny Contreras with Minority Business Owner Ben Barcon

Esperanza Martinez with Politician/Marketer Noah Dyer

Evelyn Catalan with Physical Therapist Bernie Tompa
























If you would like an opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at one of our amazing Career Days please contact Shana Tompa at 602-254-8090.