Los Literati Book Club


Hummer Tour Incentive:

As part of the Los Literati Book Club Genesis Academy offers a hummer tour to qualifying students.  This book club is a chance for students to open their minds, expand their vocabulary, make new friends, and challenge themselves to read at a higher level.  There are so many reasons why we all should read at the same time why not treat yourself to a hummer tour.

Team Tejeda: Zulia, Nicole, Paula, Julia, Daijanae, Byron, Kamila, and Cesar.

Team Smillie: Tyler, Zabdi, Alijah, Jonae, Angel, Gema, Melissa, and Jose

Team Tejeda posing like models!


Team Smillie hanging out in the desert!

Tyler improving his bow & arrow skills.

Kamila working on her marksmanship.

Zabdi getting ready to take a stroll.

Julie right before she hit the bulls eye.

Angel in the outhouse!

Jose was made for this!